Spruce & Bond

Spruce & Bond

  • Brand Identity Design
  • E-commerce Design
  • Naming
  • Packaging Design
  • Photographic Art Direction
  • Signage Systems
  • Web Design

New York-based Spruce & Bond, formerly Completely Bare, is a sophisticated lifestyle-driven hair removal brand specializing in wax, laser and brow treatments. The challenge was the creation of a new brand identity and name that conveyed the right balance of expertise and playfulness. Beauty, simplification and the notion of removal highlight the spirited ethos of the brand. Our naming, identity, branding, packaging, website and photographic art direction for Spruce & Bond reflect a truly hospitality driven service model.


Completely Bare, a luxury hair removal specialist, was seeking a complete brand and identity refresh that would serve the company’s future plans for expansion while remaining true to its founding services. We were commissioned to create the new lifestyle brand identity with the company’s core values of sophistication, personal empowerment, and inner confidence.


We created a new identity and name that confidently telegraphs Spruce & Bond’s core values through simplified yet elegant typography and a stripped down ‘SB’ monogram, which itself serves to reference the company’s hair removal services. A service thought to be a necessity rather than a treat can now be something women look forward to. In conjunction with a new color palette, these elements imbue the brand with a sense of attainable luxury while allowing the identity to expand into other service offerings related to beauty, fitness and wellness.


Hinterland’s services evolved beyond the original brief to include further collaboration on signage and print collateral systems and interior design for new stores, packaging for a dedicated product line, and user experience consultation for a streamlined online booking experience. Spruce & Bond is projected to double its retail footprint from four to ten locations, increasing from 5,000 monthly treatments to 10,000 within the year. As a consulting design partner, we look forward to further collaboration with the preeminent lifestyle-driven hair removal brand.

RESEARCH: Botanical, personal, removal, playful, metro, expert and attainable luxury.

EXPLORATION: Logotype, monogram and typography development.

EXPLORATION: Naming, Completely Bare development towards Spruce & Bond.

EXPLORATION: Moodboard presentation.

PROTOTYPE: Signage scale testing and installation.

EXPLORATION: Monogram development.

EXPLORATION: Logotype development.

PROTOTYPE: Print, packaging, digital and environmental applications of identities.

As our Creative Agency for nearly two years, Hinterland has been an exceptional partner for Spruce & Bond. Everyone on the Hinterland team takes pride in the quality of their finished product. Each person brings unique passion, beautiful design, and keen attention to detail to their work. Hinterland has found the perfect balance between the “small agency” personal touch, and the “boutique agency” scale and expertise. We are excited to continue to grow with them as partners.

Chief Executive Officer, Spruce & Bond