Tech Talk

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A bold brand identity helps a series of talks on digital media roar at Cannes Lions, the world’s premiere event for advertising and marketing. Using a motif of dots and pixels inspired by technology, our graphics for MediaLink’s Tech Talk sessions invite attendees to share their thoughts on the future.


Presented by MediaLink at the annual Cannes Lions festival in Cannes, France, Tech Talk is a series of daily sessions that highlights forward-thinking businesses and thought leaders in digital marketing. We were commissioned to create a new identity and promotional collateral for the series, including environmental graphics for the Tech Talk gallery in the Young Lions Zone at the Palais des Festivals. The branding had to serve as a friendly welcome while also conveying the energy and excitement of the startup businesses involved in the field.


Smart, playful and assertive, the Tech Talk identity combines an eye-catching pixilated style inspired by technology with the simple circular shapes of cartoon speech bubbles. The red and black color palette was adapted from the in-your-face style of the New York Post, one of Tech Talk’s major sponsors, and background graphics incorporated a dot-matrix image of a lion that tied into the event as a whole. The branding was expanded into large-scale supergraphics for the walls of the Tech Talk space, and appeared in a special printed insert in copies of the Post handed out during the festival.


Moving beyond ephemeral event graphics, the Tech Talk identity had the impact of a major media brand at Lions and can be used by MediaLink year after year. Seen all over the streets of Cannes–the campaign was even installed on pedicabs and tuk-tuks–the identity became a highly visible presence and one that attendees will look forward to seeing at future editions of the festival.

RESEARCH: Tessellation, digital imaging, technology, computer operating systems and typography.

EXPLORATION: Logo development.

PROTOTYPE: Signage and scale testing.

Hinterland created a visual identity that stood up to the scrutiny of thousands of art directors from around the globe and applied it to a large physical space transforming a section of the Palais des Festivals at Cannes. They applied it to advertising and collateral both digital and printed. Over the many iterations, Hinterland never lost the different intentions of each.

Chief Marketing Officer, MediaLink